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OUT OF OPEN XL Evergreen Gold24 Mci

1.200,- 2.399,-

Product specifications


Main lens: Gold24 mci

  •     Gold mirror, warm transparency, almost neutral
  •     S3
  •     Ideal for: : Sunny days


Second lens included: Storm

  •     Pink transparency, optimized for bad weather conditions, no mirror.
  •     S1
  •     Cloudy or with snowfall or foggy days


Other characteristics

  •     Super quick lens interchange system (6 seconds)
  •     You can wear it over prescription glasses (OTG)
  •     Inner silicone grips with fading texture on the strap's inner side
  •     Toric lens
  •     50mm strap
  •     Dual-Frame construction
  •     Optimized fitting
  •     Helmet compatible
  •     Microfiber pouch included for protection and cleaning
  •     Full perimeter ventilation
  •     100% UV protection
  •     Field of view: 202° horizontal, 5,62 solid Sterads
  •     Foam: Hypoallergenic triple density with moisture wicking fleece
  •     Double layer anti-fog lens: yes
  •     Anti-fog treatment (standard 8 sec.): 77 sec.
  •     Dimensions: 185mm x 111mm x 86mm
  •     Weight: 144g



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