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OUT OF PIUMA Black The One Gelo




Enjoy your ride, No matter the weather!


Letteste brillene på markedet, utifra vår kunnskap og tatt i betrakting de meste kjente merkene i verden.

Det er ikke noe magi bak Piuma brillen, vi tok "bare" den beste grillamiden og forsterket den med litt karbon fiber. 

Alle brillene er laget i Italia og har de har ulik prosentandel med karbonfiber i seg.

Det gjorde det mulig å redusere vekten for å klare å lage en brille som kjennes som en fjær. 

All facts, #Nobullsh*t!


Vekt: 16.8 gram



Out Of has always believed in the importance of having a lens with a good optic definition, but also to always have the lens with the right colorfor the conditions you' re in in that moment. You can have on your eyes the lens with the best optic definition ever, but it' s too light or too dark you won' t see half as good than with a lens of the right color.

For this we tried, and managed, to develop a goggles that could give you the possibility to change the lens quickly and easily, and we' ve always been a brand that fornishes, on most of its goggles the second lens, a persimmon lens.

Having the possibility to change the lens of the goggle at any time is a big step, but there are still some limitations, for example who doesn' t carry a backpack might find uncomfortable to carry around a second lens in his pocket, and deciding what lens to carry in the morning, it' s easy to make mistakes, we all know wheather in the mountains changes quickly. The definite solution is a lens that could change its color by itself, and the darkness of it on the base of the external conditions, so to make the skiing or the snowboarding awesome in every condition.

After years of trials the point has been reached with a special combinations of photocromatic pigments that change from yello to black and all the shades in between, and a polarized filter on all the visible spectrum.

The result is a line of lenses with extraordinary properties that aren' t comparable to other common lenses: a lens that changes color and darkness automatically basing on the external conditions.

In good wheather conditions the pigments of the The One lenses are activated and they diminuish the quantity of light that hits our eyes, while the polarized filter stops selectively the reflections from the ice or the water allowing you to dinstinguish in a better way the shape of the snowy run.

In bad wheather conditions the yellow colors of the pigments that aren' t activated helps improving the visibility and the perception of the ground, but is the polarized filter that allows to eliminate a part of the light that the fog reflexes, creating in this way contrasts on the ground that a bare human eye wouldn' t be able to obtain.

The lenses from the line THE ONE by Out Of are therefore perfect in every possible wheather condition, that means no more worries: if you use a The One, you' ll always have with you the right lens.

The THE ONE FUOCO, given its red coating results less polyvalent than the NERO of the GELO, our suggestion is, if you' re looking for a pure technically perfect lens without caring too much about the esthetical aspect to choose either the NERO or the GELO. The FUOCO, even if it's way more versatile than the other goggles in commerce, for the presence of the coating doesn' t manage to reach the same performance levels of the NERO of the GELO.

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