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OUT OF SHIFT White Pink The One Loto



Product description

The Shift snow goggle is the new Out Of's season product. Derived from the Open, the Shift is based on a dual frame structure and mounts the same lens change system.

Thanks to a double frame with diverse rigidities it is possible to mount the lens using only two connection points, accelerating the process. Thanks to this same characteristic the goggle presents less inner reflections and a more comfortable fitting.

Unlike the Open, the Shift mounts a cylindrical lens, and it has smaller dimensions. Furthermore, the frame protrudes slightly over the lens protecting it from eventual shocks. These characteristics make the Shift the Out Of goggle with the best quality/price ratio according to our testers.

The Shift features an hypoallergenic triple density 15mm foam, double lens with anti-fog, anti-scratch hydrophobic treatments and a great ventilated surface on the sides of the goggle.

The lens change system is very quick and intuitive, and permits to change the lens in just a few seconds right from the first try.

Lens description

The The One Loto is a photochromic polarized lens with a light multilayer purple coating with interferences. Made to adapt itself to the typical light conditions that we encounter in the mountains.

The colors of the pigments change from yellow to black depending on the light conditions, and the filter category varies between S2 and S3.

In bad weather conditions the yellow pigmentation with the polarized filter increments the perception of the contrasts and the shapes of the run, while in strong light conditions the lens get darker erasing the reflections on the ground.

You're not sure about what the weather will be like today? Choose The One and you'll always have the perfect lens with you.

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  • The One photochromic polarized lens
  • Dual-Frame construction
  • Superfast lens change system (6 seconds)
  • Field of view: 183° horizontal, 4.32 solid angle
  • Ergonomic design
  • Helmet compatible
  • Mircofiber bag included
  • Full perimeter channel venting
  • Ergonomic design
  • 100% uv protection
  • Foam: hypoallergenic and triple density
  • Double lens: yes
  • Anti-fog (standard 8 sec.): 77 sec.
  • Dimensions 17 x 8 x 9.5



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